mach:idee – connecting two worlds

The engineering office mach:idee was founded in Zurich in 2007 and has been based in Woerth/Rhine since 2020.

Motto: helping to avoid misunderstanding!

mach:idee develops creative designs and concepts. Examples of these are the development of prototype designs for e-volo’s Volocopter, 3D animations in the field of hydraulic engineering, game applications on flood protection or fish migration facilities, image compositing and processing for contruction projects, and much more.

Further focuses are exhibition concepts, e.g. the exhibition about the artist and engineer Salomon de Caus, who designed the Heidelberg palace garden in 1614, an exhibition for the HSR (Hochschule Rapperswil) for the Giardina garden fair, and exhibitions in the field of nature conservation.

Publications are an important factor in keeping mach:idee abreast of, and in touch with, new developments regarding methods as well as software. Rüdiger regularly writes for the German journal “Digital Production”.

Rüdiger Mach – Founder of mach:idee

Rüdiger combines the expertise of an engineer with the creativity of a designer. He studied engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Karlsruhe, with the main focus of his studies on civil and hydraulic engineering. He has many years of experience working as a graphic designer, and has written several reference books. He has been active in the fields of 2D and 3D computer graphics as an illustrator, artist and engineer for several decades.

As a specialist in idea and concept development, technical and scientific visualization and exhibition conception, he teaches in Germany and Switzerland, and his articles on 3D visualization and computer graphics are published in specialist journals.

Born in Karlsruhe, he returned to Karlsruhe in 2008 after having lived in Switzerland for a couple of years with his wife and children and moved to the little xity Woerth am Rhein in 2020.

Much of his work focuses on making complex scientific and technical issues accessible to teenagers and children. In a number of projects he has edited content from the fields of energy and water supply, hydraulic engineering and flood protection as well as design specifically for young people and children, among other things in the form of interactive educational material on the wide range of topics in the natural sciences.


  • has several years of experience working on projects for children and teenagers in the fields of environment protection, flood control and the conveyance of complex content,
  • has created numerous animations and applications on scientific and creative topics,
  • takes pleasure in editorial, explanatory and illustrative work,
  • enjoys combining technology with meaningful content, and
  • is a lateral thinker with an extensive network of artists, engineers and scientists.