Synergies of technology and design

Rüdiger Mach, owner and operator of mach:idee, combines the scientific background of an engineer with many years of experience in the field of design. He develops ideas and concepts for the convincing and appealing visualization of your project, with his special touch and the right combination of technique and creativity as well as great enthusiasm.

mach:idee provides engineering services in the field of civil engineering, advises you in all questions concerning visualization and creates:

Image compositing
We merge the virtual with the real and bring planning projects to life before they are realised.

Technical concepts are easier to understand by means of images. Our illustrations depict key elements, and this facilitates comprehension.

Technical documentation
Through the use of text and image, we illuminate significant/important aspects.

3D modelling
mach:idee creates 3-dimensional models or applies existing CAD data: 2D or 3D, with polygons or freeform surfaces.

We animate tracking shots or moving images, let water flow or simulate lighting conditions – accurately! … as well as a little unconventionally, if required.

Digital Terrain Models
We create digital terrain models for civil engineering. Triangulated and break line based, as a raster dataset in any format. Of course, also with volume and mass determination. The TINs we create are excellent as a basis for hydronumerical methods.

Film work/Motion Graphics
We mix real film with animation and explain complicated content in moving images – in film and sound.

Real time application
We present your content using game development tools.

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