Project Description


The creation of an internet-compatible 3D animated presentation describing the mode of operation of the Rheinwald Waterworks of the Stadtwerke Karlsruhe GmbH.

Download bachelor thesis (PDF): Bachelorthesis_Christoph_Hofmann_2013


Engineering office mach:idee: Dipl. Ing. Rüdiger Mach

Hochschule Karlsruhe (University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe): Prof. Dr. D. Günther-Diringer

Stadtwerke Karlsruhe GmbH: Prof. Dr. Matthias Maier


University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe – Faculty of Geoinformation

Course of study: cartography and geomatics

Content: Concept development of a prototype

Web-based 3D animations for the Stadtwerke Karlsruhe GmbH

The task was to develop a concept for an up-to-date representation of the technical background of drinking water production by the Stadtwerke Karlsruhe GmbH for the general public.

This concept was realized in the form of a prototype.

Thesis by: Christoph Hofman