Project Description


Diploma thesis by Enrico Porada in 2011 – the evaluation of a 3D realtime visualization of an ecological flooding of the polder Bellenkopf/Rappenwört.

Download diploma thesis (PDF): Diplom-Porada_Endfassung


  • Engineering office mach:idee: Dipl. Ing. Rüdiger Mach
  • Hochschule Karlsruhe (University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe): Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Detlef Günther- Diringer


University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe – Faculty of Geoinformation

Content: Concept development of a prototype

Evaluation of 3D realtime visualization

Ecological flooding of the polder Bellenkopf/Rappenwört

An alternative approach towards the 3D visualization of ecological flooding is examined as a supplement to the exhibition following the project “Flood risk on the Upper Rhine”. The main focus is on the software product LandXplorer by Autodesk®.

Thesis by: Enrico Porada