Flooding and its effects in the model

Extreme runoff in alpine areas – triggers are e.g. heavy rainfall events and the resulting increased surface runoff, and small catchments with steep slopes.

Many thanks to Roland Hollenstein for the discussions on the topic (https://www.nrpag.ch/)

The virtual regional model was created using 3ds max 2018, and the fluid simulation was calculated using the CFD plug-in PhoenixFD.

The size of the regional model area is 250 cm x 250 cm, polygon count of the model: 199,056, render engine Vray 4.0 Next, dimensions of the computational grid: 241 cm x 241 cm, number of grid elements: 9,879,552, determination of velocity (v), foam, splash, wetmaps, open discharge conditions (no build-up within the system).
Duration of animation 40 seconds.

The regional model was created as part of a test series for various fluid solvers in 3ds max using PhoenixFD.