A weir is a barrier structure that regulates or closes off the flow of a watercourse. This means that a weir is also a dam structure. The piano key weir shown here is a fixed weir that has a greater overflow length than an overflow weir, and has a low structural breadth. This animation was inspired by discussions with weir specialist Dr. Michael Gebhardt (www.baw.de) – many thanks!

The size of the model area is 30 m x 13 m (base area), polygon count of the model: 2,626, render engine Vray 4.0 Next.

On calculating with PhoenixFD

PhoenixFD is a fluid solver that is integrated directly into 3ds max via plug-in and provides fast and convincing results.

Dimensions of the computational grid: 30 m x 13 m x 7 m, number of grid elements: 21,840,000, determination of velocity (v), foam, splash, wetmaps, open discharge conditions (no build-up within the system).

Duration of animation 18 seconds. The animation was slowed down by half and extended to 36 seconds.

The 3D model was created as part of a test series for various fluid solvers in 3ds max with PhoenixFD.

Simulation with Real Flow 10

Real Flow is a simulation software for fluid simulations that can be used both as a stand-alone application and as a plug-in for 3ds max.

The calculation was carried out using SPH (Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics) and was calculated for fluid (water body) and spray (foam, splash)

The maximum number of particles in the water body is just under 5 million. The export for further processing in 3ds max was done as water body and spray system.Fluid mesh with foam particles

Fluid mesh with foam particles

In this case, the simulation itself was carried out in Real Flow 10, the generated result data was loaded into 3ds max with the help of an import plug-in and rendered there with VRay.