Project Description

Contracting entity: Naturschutzzentrum Karlsruhe, created 2010

A game-like platform was created for the Naturschutzzentrum Karlsruhe which can be used by visitors to simulate the effects of flooding within a precisely defined scenario. The objective of this project is to generate an awareness of what will happen when a dike collapses. Real engineering data are presented in an easily understandable way. To simulate the bursting of a dike as realistically as possible, a lot of additional information was necessary. Text, images and movies were placed in a real-time environment. A cartoon-like impression was created to make it easier for children as well as adults to relate to the subject matter. The user can interactively control the height of the flood and see what happens when a dike collapses and which areas will be inundated after a specified time span (hours and days).

The particular game-like environment which is described in this contribution was created using the 3D authoring application Quest 3D.