Client: Stadtwerke Karlsruhe, created in 2012-2013

This project consisted of a series of short animations explaining water treatment. It addressed the following questions:

  • • How does water get into the groundwater?
  • • How do wells work?
  • • What is the difference between treated and untreated water?
  • • What does ventilation refer to?
  • • How are filters cleaned?
  • • What route does drinking water take from the plant to the tap?

A 3D model was created based on data from a real water treatment plant. Using this model, the path of water from untreated water to drinking water is explained. As a result, 3D visualizations, animations and a web environment constituting the framework were created. mach:idee developed the concept and created 3D models, animations and illustrations on this topic. A supplementary children’s book was also published.

From untreated water to drinking water

The children’s book can be purchased on Amazon as an e-book -.>

Our character H2O accompanies the animation series.